Saturday, January 31, 2009

A common sight at traffic lights are screaming ambulances struggling among a multitude of vehicles.

Why not have clearly demarcated tracks at all traffic lights through which an ambulance can move forward in case that path is stopped for traffic with red light?

This means in a four way junction, a certain space is marked as track on each of the four roads and just as an ambulance arrives those vehicles on that track move over to some other space(which also may be shown with arrows) clearing the way for the ambulance

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Big cars with a seating capacity of 6/8/10/12 people and only driver is there or in some cases another companion is also there.

They take up a lot of space on city roads leading to congestion.

After all traffic congestion is a problem of too many vehicles for a limited stretch of road.

Why not demarcate city areas into full seating zone where only cars full to the capacity only are allowed? Or else you may charge a penalty for any car seen in full seating zone without full capacity.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kerala is a small state of India with a population of around 4 crores and spanning about 600 km in length and a quarter of that in width.

Road accident deaths in the state for the yaer 2008 is around 3450.

Yes, it is around 10 persons per day. I dont know the exact figures for terrorist deaths but I think it will be much less.

And most of these accidents are the result of speeding private buses racing each other so that they are the first to grab the passengers.

How can lateral thinking help?

One idea for decongeting the roads is to have moveable road dividers so that in morning when uptown traffic is high dividers are moved to have more space for uptown traffic and viceversa