Monday, March 2, 2009

Power corrupts.
The moment so called communists and socialists get to power, their whole colour changes.
They are the ones deeper in corruption when in power compared to free market advocates and capitalists.

But there are a lot of organisations like Greenpeace which are crusaders for their ideology.

So how to get the ideology work through without corruption ?
Presently all democratic legislatures have ruling party and opposition party. To this I am adding one more, ie. independents.

These are parties like Greenpeace etc. who declare upfront that they will neither form a Government nor will they support them. But they contest the election and if they succeed what do they do?

They vote on all bills presented purely based on its merits and compatibilty with their ideology.
Thus we have a 20/30/40 man Greenpeace team in Parliaments voting for and against conservation and destruction.

This is just a thread which needs a lot of fine tuning to make it work.

To the list of Greenpeace we may add Art of Living foundation, Maoist revolutionaries, Marxists, Trade Unionists, etc. So imagine the change it can bring about.

Nowadays voters have to choose between devil or deep sea and nothing good. So this can be a real move forward.

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