Friday, March 20, 2009

Re writing rules of Cricket

Cricket is a game of glorious uncertainities and has always been a first to innovate and improvise. The greatest proof of this is additions to versions of cricket right from one day matches, day night cricket and to the latest blockbuster, 20/20.

Any innovation which makes it even more uncertain is always welcome.

May I suggest a couple of ideas.

What about removing overs per bowler restriction in one day and 20/20 matches? Its effect will be two pronged. Teams can accomodate more batsmen and you can have the likes Muralitharan or Brett Lee going for the throat of batsmen in full swing for 20 or more overs in a match.

Another idea is to compensate the bowling team according to the mode of dismissal of the batsmen. The most convincing modes of dismissal of batsmen are bowled, leg before wicket and caught by wicket keeper/slip fielders. So for each such dismissal, bowling teams can be given bonus runs. And dismissal of top order batsmen can be given more weightage to avoid over compensating bowlers for wickets in the slog overs of tail enders. This can be experimented for test matches also. Thus you can have the team batting second start with a score more than zero. Also imagine a batsman is dismissed clean bowled in the last innings of the match; automatically the target increases by the bonus runs the bowling team earns. So an idea worth trying.

These changes can help make the game more uncertain, more bowler friendly and above all more exciting to watch.

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